HackGSU Recap

Harman supports many hacakthons, but this one was a little different. Georgia State University (GSU) held it’s first university backed hackathon supported by Major League Hacking (MLH) and bused in students from the southeast to compete. We were sponsors and got some great feedback and ideas from developers.


  • There were 265 hackers in attendance
  • 8 teams were formed using HARMAN products
  • 7/8 teams used PULSE 2 speakers
  • One team used Omni 10 speaker
  • Hackathon’s first place winner hacked on Pulse 2
  • 10 hackers gave us feedback on SDK and API


  • Overall sentiment was very positive for the Pulse 2 and its Android SDK.
  • 65% of the developers were new to hackathons
  • The winning team used the Pulse 2 to mimic heart palpitations based on a person’s heartbeat.
  • Microphone access was the most requested feature along with additional SDK clients.
  • Have a preset function to control the LEDs individually.
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